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I am Michael Scheidell, CISSP, CCISO, SMIEEE - Managing Director Security Privateers. Providing Security, Privacy and GRC Management Consulting

Michael Scheidell's Bio:

Michael Scheidell is an information Security, Governance, Compliance and Risk Consultant for Hire as Interium, Contract or Retained CISO for short term or long term projects. See my blog at CISSP, Certified CISO, Senior Member ISSA, Senior Member IEEE – Computer Society, Member ASIS, NRA Certified Firearms InstructorCorporate Information Risk Management and Privacy Expert and has worked for or with large multinational corporations in government, finance, critical infrastructure, manufacturing and health care.A recognized expert in the information security and privacy community with a strong history of innovation. Frequent conference speaker and subject matter expert in Information Security, Governance Risk, Compliance, and corporate privacy and has worked to secure US critical infrastructure such as Rail, Transportation and Utility companies.Areas of Expertise: Risk Management Corporate Governance Security and Privacy Industrial Automation SCADA/ICS/HMI Security Due-diligence for M & A Executive Management IT Risk Assessments EU Data Privacy/Safeharbor HIPAA/SOX/FISMA/NIST ISO2700x/NIST-800/CoBIT NIST CyberSecurity Framework Authored whitepapers on OSI layers and Information Security, SCADA Security issues, Stuxnet Virus. Wrote plugins for Nessus/OpenVAS security tests. Clients included Pitney Bowes, National Instruments, Siemens Automation, SAP, NASA (Boeing), SEPTA, Avmed, Harvard Clinical Research and Broward County Office of Environmental ServicesMember MECTF,  ISACA, SFTA, ISSA,FISA ,ASIS and IEEE.

Michael Scheidell's Experience:

  • Founder/CTO/CIO/CSO at SECNAP Network Security

    SECNAP Network Security was formed in December 2001 to provide unique, comprehensive and highly cost-effective solutions for computer network security. In addition to offering security services such as intrusion prevention vulnerability assessment scanning managed and Firewall/VPN Management, SECNAP also provides security audits and strategic consulting on areas such as network architecture, both traditional and cloud based. o Developed Patented HackerTrap(TM) Network Security Appliance o Developed zero latency hybrid inline IPS with integrated attack updates o Successfully marketed security services to Government, Biotech, Genetics Pharmaceutical, Finance and Banking, and professional services clients o Developed hybrid procedural and IT audit for Major International Banks (Similar to PWC procedural audits with use of HackerTrap for IT portions) o Built primary and secondary Secure Operations Center for management and monitoring of client network security

  • Director of Business Development at VenturCom

    VenturCom/Ardence is the leading technology provider of tools and extensions for developing and deploying embedded, real-time applications based on the Windows CE and NT operating systems, with distribution channels in more than 30 countries and associations with such firms as ATR, CMC, Lucent, Motorola, ObjectAutomation, and Komatsu. o Responsible for SE US, South America and Caribbean regions o Directed Sales team for Industrial Automation to a 400% per year revenue increase o Directed VenturCom's partnership and Major Accounts program o Responsible for OEM accounts including AMD, Compaq, Rockwell, Eaton, GE FANUC, Siemens, Bell & Howell, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Beckman Coulter, NASA, USAF, SAIC, Panasonic, American Megatrends, Alcorn McBride Inc, GE Harris, Motorola, Digital Lightwave, Raytheon, Alcatel, Satake, Ashley Laurent, and National Instruments

  • Founder/CEO at Florida Datamation

    World's largest distributor of QNX, leading Intel based Real time / embedded OS, developed and implemented some of the first Internet security protocols and programs for government and DOD contractors o Responsible for Marketing, OEM Sales, R & D and Engineering Departments o Created international partnerships and distribution channels in US, Germany, Spain, England, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and others o Customers included IBM, Boeing, Nortel, Mitel, Westinghouse, SAIC, Dupont, Kodak, NASA, DOD, Citrix, SONY, UPS, Bell & Howell, and HP o Created national dealer support program with HP (Success Line) o Signed distribution agreements with ITT, Mitel, HP, Equinox, QNX, DEC Tanberg, Radisys and Sybase

  • CISO, Managing Director at Security Privateers

    Security Privateers are a group of highly dedicated individuals who love what they do, and do it with a passion. Like privateers of old, we only take the assignments that we know we can excel in. As CISO and Managing Director, I am responsible for managing client contracts from inception to fulfillment. For clients who need a Virtual CISO, I perform all the duties and responsibilities of a full time CISO, without the cost or overhead of a full time executive. As a member of the senior executive management team, it is my responsibility to attend executive management meetings, meet with investors and build or maintain the Company's Information Security and Digital Privacy team. I have worked as the CISO, or with the CISO, CIO or VP of Information Security for many international corporations, including publicly traded banks, large health care institutes, and Global 500 companies. Responsibilities and Duties: o Develop or update InfoSec and Privacy Policies o Provide guidance and counsel to the CIO and Executive Management o Manage Company's InfoSec governance processes and establish project priorities o Lead InfoSec planning processes to establish Company's InfoSec program o Establish annual and long-range security and compliance goals and roadmap o Stay abreast of InfoSec and regulatory changes affecting Company o Mentor the Company's InfoSec team o Implement professional development plans for all members of the InfoSec team o Determine appropriate staffing levels for the InfoSec team o Report regularly to the Company's Executive management and its board members o Perform IT Risk Assessments, Penetration Testing and Internal Vulnerabilities Scans o Government regulatory and compliance issues o HIPAA/HITECH/SOX/FISMA/FERPA/EU Safeharbor Certified CISO, (C|CISO), US patent granted, member ISACA, ISSA, FBI Infragard, SFTA, IAPP and IEEE Frequent speaker at international security conferences

Michael Scheidell's Education:

  • School of Hard Knocks

    MBD (Management By Doing)
    Concentration: Information Security Systems Management

Michael Scheidell's Interests & Activities:

Information Security and Privacy, Governance, Risk and Compliance, ISSA Senior Member, ISACA Gold Member, FBI InfraGard, PMI, SFTA, IEEE Senior Member, IAPP

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